This is a print of my painting, "Wedding Bells". It is printed on Satin Luster Paper Print paper. This high quality paper was selected to reflect the glare of the painted flames. The artwork is 11 inches x 14 inches with an extra 1/2 inch white border around this size. This listing is for the print only, it is unframed.                                                                                                    Wedding Bells Description: The chaos of 2020 can be highlighted through many social, political, and health crises. I aim to distill this chaos by highlighting these events in painting during a time when media (visual and verbal) tends to negate the actuality or seriousness of these events. The systemically racist and inequitable roots of these events become evident as I create these paintings distinctly from my perspective as an African-American. Within this portfolio, I’m highlighting our interconnected, contemporary reality with these significant events. One of my major themes is a rise to power and justice with the Black Lives Matter movement. These figures rise to reinvent a new world through the ashes of the racist old one. From these flames is a rebirth, which is symbolized by the blossoming marriage

Wedding Bells, Satin Luster Paper Print, 11 x 14 inches