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This is my original painting, "Wedding Bells". It is oil paint on a wood-cradled canvas. The artwork is 18 inches (width) x 24 inches (height) x  0.5 inches (depth). It can be due to hung as is since it is stretched canvas on wooden bars. However, it can also be framed.                                               Wedding Bells Description: The chaos of 2020 can be highlighted through many social, political, and health crises. I aim to distill this chaos by highlighting these events in painting during a time when media (visual and verbal) tends to negate the actuality or seriousness of these events. The systemically racist and inequitable roots of these events become evident as I create these paintings distinctly from my perspective as an African-American. Within this portfolio, I’m highlighting our interconnected, contemporary reality with these significant events.  

One of my major themes is a rise to power and justice with the Black Lives Matter movement. These figures rise to reinvent a new world through the ashes of the racist old one. From these flames is a rebirth, which is symbolized by the blossoming marriage

Wedding Bells, Original Painting, 24" x 18" inches

$900.00 Regular Price
$550.00Sale Price
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