This is a print of my painting, "Olympia's Maid Returns". There are 3 size options for this art. The options are is 9 inches x 13 inches with an extra 1/2 inch white border on velvet paper, 15 x 21 inches, and 24 x 34 on paper. There is also an option for me to ship your art with a custom-sized black frame (this is not available for the small option). Please see the last photo to reference what the black frame will look like.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Olympia’s Maid Returns Description:  This piece was a part of a series where I take well-known western paintings to recontextualize and repaint. I was looking at Olympia by Manet. For research, I read Olympia’s maid by Lorraine O’Grady. I was heavily considering the notion of reclaiming black subjectivity in this piece. The submissive and invisible maid in "Olympia" by Manet is one of the seldom and most pervasive depictions of black women from pre-contemporary eras. The dichotomy of the representation of a black woman has been either a Jezebel or mammy type figure. In this recreation of Olympia’, there is an inversion of the roles and the maid becomes Olympia. Although the traditional Olympia lounges nude, I had opted to have her clothed. I also opted to change the maid to a male because I think these paintings very much cater to the white male gaze. I’ve strayed away from the notion that Olympia's maid is one of the plethora of naked, lounging venuses that gratify the gaze of white male audiences. Instead she dominates the space, taking charge over those who diminish her.

Olympia’s Maid Returns, Paper Print