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This is a print of my painting, "Wakeful Morning". It is printed on archival matte paper. The artwork is 8 inches x 12 inches with an extra 1/2 inch white border around this size. This listing is for the print only, it is unframed.                                                                                                                                  

Illuminating Morn Description: In my portraiture, I often focus on black identity and depict the consistently powerful presence of the black figure. I’m frequently looking at the dialect between a history of aristocratic representation and the use of portraiture as a statement of power. In response to this, I elevate my figures to a level of power that is classically unavailable to them as black females. This claim to power can be as subdued as a figure who is unafraid to confront the viewer with her gaze.  I also aim to negate the hegemonic powers that narrate black women's invisibility or roles as Jezebels, Mammies, or Sapphires in society, media, and the arts. To combat this I aim to depict black beauty and excellence.

Illuminating Morn , Archival Matte Print, 8" x 12"